Long term Side effects of Vicodin Pain Reliever

Long term Side effects of Vicodin Pain Reliever

Vicodin is an over the counter medication that is used as a pain reliever. Vicodin comprises of two elements acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is useful in handling various levels of pain. Acetaminophen is a fever reducer and also works as a pain reliever. Vicodin is available in various markets under different trade and generic name formations as well as in online pharmacies in which an acclaimed name is Rxmedico. Vicodin is a highly abused substance almost 5million people over the age of 12 in USA are abusing vicodin, commonly it is abused by high school students

Vicodin side effects

It is a helpful substance to reduce moderate to severe pain when it is used with proper direction of a health provider. When vicodin is used without directions it may cause many physical, mental and social emanations. Vicodin has high potential of substance abuse and addiction, even though vicodin is a highly addictive substance and contains various dangers of addiction, one in five teens of high school tested vicodin and some of them become addicted to it.

Long Term Side effects of Vicodin

Vicodin has a strong potential of neglecting the negative effects, although only concentrating on the positive effects, in the long term. It set up an urge to acquire the substance to repeat the desired feelings while neglecting the negative consequences. The long term side effects of vicodin include


Once vicodin is use up continually over the time strong tolerance will automatically develop. Tolerance is usual in many other prescription and non prescription drugs. The individuals who use the substance as prescription for longer periods of time will not attain the same benefits as they were getting from the substance. In this action people need more dosages to get the same calming effects of relief in pain. This technique become problematic when tolerance leads to increased drug use and usually it generates addiction.


In spite of negative consequences and warning from the health provider, law enforcement, family members and other supporters the extended use of the substance is known as addiction. People going through addiction will serve increased energy and time to obtain and consume the drug while giving up other obligations. If anyone cannot get the more substance they will move towards other abusive drugs like heroin.

Physical effects

The opiate abuse forms a number of health risks from its effects on the nervous system. When vicodin is consumed excessively it remarkably slow down the heart rate and breathing. There is also a risk of reduced oxygen delivery to the brain and other essential organs. Other long term abuse consequences include

  • Frequent sedation
  • Mood changes
  • Irritability
  • Problem in memory amalgamation
  • Increased perception of pain
  • Poor stress management and anxiety


Dependence is a blunt result of intently exhilarated levels of substance in some one’s body. With tolerance, vicodin consumption is also connected with determined psychological and psychological dependence. When someone planted dependence they require the substance to become normal and to perform the daily functions with normalcy.

Long term effects of Vicodin on Body

There are some most severe long term consequences of vicodin. One of them is liver damage, vicodin contain acetaminophen and have a higher risk of liver damage and failure when it is taken more than the recommendation. High dosages on daily base cause liver damage. Many of the people snort or inject vicodin to get high. Snorting vicodin causes damaged nasal passageways and loss the potential to sense smell. There may also a high risk of arthritis and possibly long term vicodin use lead to hearing loss.

Long term effects of Vicodin on Brain

Vicodin have the ability to increase the sensations of pleasure and gladness, as it effects on the brain in its pleasure centre. Vicodin causes a person to feel euphoric and joyful. Damage to the pleasure center is result of long term vicodin consumption. This leads to

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis

The long term vicodin use can also make a person anxious and irritable. In many of the severe cases a person can also go through hallucinations and delusions.